Bea Arthur Passes Away

Posted: April 25, 2009 in Scifi
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You may be asking as to why is Bea Arthur appearing on my Scifi blog? Oddly enough, depending on your age, namely mine and above, will know there is a scifi connection to Star Wars. Never mind that she in the movie Mame or in Maude – a spinoff from All in the Family, or Dorthy from Golden Girls, or the Femputer in an episode on Futurama, none of that matters.  Bea Arthur was Ackmena on The Star Wars Holiday Special. She played a bartender in the very infamous Star Wars Cantina bar. 

I remember seeing this special live when it aired on the one and only time. While I can truthfully say, as Luke would say, “What a piece of junk.” Yes, this special is very painful to watch even for this die hard fan but it is a must for the commercials and the first Star Wars animated short starring Boba Fett. While I own a bootleg vhs copy, I have yet to plunk down more money for a dvd copy. Thank god that we have YouTube to see this rare tv special.

Having said this, Bea Arthur had a definite presence and who could hold her own. If you ever watch Comedy Central’s Celebrity Roasts you’ll know that she can take it and also give it.

So long, Bea.

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