Monster Scifi Show Podcast Episode 11 05/03/2009

Posted: May 2, 2009 in Scifi
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godzilla-cloudsThis is the first of the three Godzilla podcast recorded with special co-host Robert Ring – Editor in Chief of The Scifi Block. Join us as we give our thoughts on the big G movies. In addition, visit The Scifi Block for more Godzilla fun. If you want to do a direct download for all my past and present podcast, click here.

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  2. tokyo5 says:

    Yes, as they said, 「ゴジラ」 (Gojira (Godzilla)) got his name from 「ゴリラ」 (gorilla) + 「クジラ」 (kujira (whale)).

    (He slaughtered the pronunciation in the podcast though. 😉 )


  3. monster7of9 says:

    Thanks for the comment. Yes, I knew I did a terrible job in trying to pronounce Godzilla name.


    • tokyo5 says:

      Oh, is it your voice?
      HAHAHA. (*_*)
      Sometimes I put my foot in my mouth!! すいみません。

      Anyways, how do you know so much about ゴジラ (Godzilla)?


  4. David says:

    Hi I was just listening to your recording and it sounds pretty cool. However the name Godzilla is pronounced the way its spelled. However the Japanese name for Godzilla that being Gojira is pronounced Go Jee Ra. The suitactor who was in the Godzilla suit for the first 12 Godzilla movies from 1954 to 1972 was Haruo Nakajima. I have met Mr. Nakajima twice and he is a very nice person. You can contact me at for any info on Godzilla. David Nunez Gojira11354


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