Easter Eggs in Pixar’s Up

I am such a big fan of Pixar. Watching Up over the weekend was another winner in my book. However, one of the things that I used to love were the references to the previous movies that would show up during the new movie. Now, I did say I used to love and this is because damn it, it’s become way to hard to catch it on first glance. Luckily, I found this article which highlights the easter eggs that I missed but I’m if you saw the movie you did a better job than me.

up pixar

Posted on Sunday, May 31st, 2009 by Peter Sciretta

Pixar loves to hide Easter eggs in their films, little references to movies and characters from the animation studio’s past and future. Last year we put together a compilation of WALL-E easter eggs, so I thought we’d do the same thing for Pixar’s new film Up. If you haven’t seen the film, be warned that this article references scenes from the film which may be considered spoilers.

John Ratzenberger has made an appearance in every since Pixar movie to date. He’s considered the animation studio’s good luck charm. He appeared as Hamm in Toy Story and Toy Story 2, PT Flea in A Bug’s Life, the Abominable Snowman in Monsters, Inc, the Moonfish school in Finding Nemo, the Underminer in The Incredibles, Mack in Cars, Mustafa in Ratatouille, and John the human in Wall-E.

via Easter Eggs in Pixar’s Up | /Film .


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