Universal Options Stretch Armstrong Movie for April 2011 Release – Screen Rant

Posted: June 3, 2009 in Scifi
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stretch armstrongThis has to be filed under the most lamest idea ever. I like it better when Stretch Armstrong  was called Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four or Elongated Man and Plastic Man from JLA or even Elastic Girl from the Incredibles than this crappy toy. I will admit, I owned a Stretch Armstrong but growing up as an only kid there is only just so much stretching one could do before you toss this toy in the closet. Which is exactly what happened to me and to boot, something in my closet puncture Armstrong and all the gel guts spilled out. The other problem with this toy as some complained that the gel became very stiff and when you tried to stretch it you would hear a snap. So try to imagine this image above with two broken arms and legs; it’s not a pretty picture.

romNow, zoom to the present with the news that Universal decided to option this toy for a movie. I can only imagine some poor writer trying to write a screenplay or even a treatment. Honestly, Armstrong really did not have much of a back-story or other options to expand game-play. Unlike He-Man, She-Ra, Thundercats, and Transformers these were toys that were backed up by an animated series. At least this helped to develop a loyal following over the years. Hell, in Rom The Space Knight was kinda crappy but Rom had a comic book and even met the X-Men; now that’s how you market. What I want to see is a movie adaptation of the Micronauts. Click here to read more about the Micronauts.

So, this now begs the question, “Which toy that you grew up with, if given the chance, should be adapted to a live action movie?” And for Gods sake, don’t you dare say Jem and The Holograms, My Pretty Pony, or Strawberry Shortcake; I’m working on a treatment, LOL. Give this some serious thought as I am curious to hear your thoughts.

In an effort to catch up with all of the other toy-inspired movie franchises hitting theaters, Universal Pictures recently teamed up with Hasbro for a six-year partnership. What’s their first movie together? That’s right, it’s Stretch Armstrong.

What’s that you say, “Stretch Armstrong hasn’t been a popular toy for over a decade?” Sorry, doesn’t matter. Hollywood has run out of original ideas and they’re raiding our childhood to compensate.

via Universal Options Stretch Armstrong Movie for April 2011 Release – Screen Rant.

Before I end this post, I started thinking of one of my all time favorite toy to have and that my friends was Evil Knievel. Take a look at the pic below and tell me this would not make a great movie… again.

evil knievel

  1. Fortress Guy says:

    Jem would ahve to be done right. And I mean right.

    I just finished my take on Jem with lots o’ pics if you are interested.



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