Separated @ Birth… Scifi Style Part 16

Posted: June 19, 2009 in Scifi
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nina and star and basket caseAs my son is turning three next week, as any parent of a toddler, your early nights are nothing but watching Sprout. I’ve always been crept out by star because of his… star shape. His smallish, squashed size with his human like hands reminded me of a creature from a horror movie I saw a long time ago. You extra geek points if you guessed the creature on the right as seen in the movie Basket Case. This story involves Duane Brady and his deformed brother Belial who separated and sought revenge on the doctors who performed the surgery. This is a very campy and dark little horror movie but I highly recommend this to you.

  1. dawn says:

    I cant believe my sister still watches sprout|The Goodnight Show


  2. dawn says:

    What in the world happend to Nina & Star


  3. dawn says:

    Im bored someone make a comment!


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