Digital Comics Next Step: Longbox

Posted: June 24, 2009 in Scifi
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longbox_logo_smIn these tough economic times, alright… enough of this overly used phrase but seriously, as a comic book fan and semi-retired collector, I missed the days of going to my neighborhood candy store and $1.05, I could pick at least three comic books. Those were the days were I started collecting books when they were .35 cents a pop.

Now, I still continue to read comics via my library just because I have no room for comic and trades are the best way to get really into a story. While single issues are fine, trades, like a dvd box set, tells the whole story without having to wait. Very cool but I do have to wait until the trades comeout and then put my name on a request which can be up to six months on top of the six months to a year sometimes to have the single issues be compiled.

As I often do on my google reader, I find something that speaks to my needs as a comic geek and yet, understands the current economic climate. Longbox Digital Comics is hoping to be the next thing like what iTunes did for downloadable music. The concept is sound about having a digital comic versus the print edition. Cost is looking around .99 cents per comic and we’re talking about major publishing companies. Having said that, my needs would be meet based on cost and being able to read the latest issues. Physical storage will not be an issue except on your computer if they are allowing the content to be dowloaded. There is a Longbox reader, as seen below, that looks to be a program we would have to download. However, this would be tied to my computer. There are some free comic that I’ve downloaded to my iPhone like Atomic Robo and Farscape. I’m sure the guys over on Longbox understand the need for portability.


While I will miss the tactile information in holding a comic or trade in my hands, my needs are much, much different from when I started getting into comics. Now, I want to read comics for great story, great artwork, and great fun. If Longbox can deliver, provided the publishers gives quality to us, I am all for it and sign me up except not until sometime in the fall. Click the link below to read more info from iFanboy.

Digital Comics Next Step: Longbox

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