Goodbye, MJ. Until next time….

Posted: June 25, 2009 in Scifi
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mj smooth criminalToday has not been the greatest day when it comes to being a fan of pop icons. Michael Jackson has passed away from a cardiac arrest earlier today. While he has been out of the spotlight for many years, it comes as more of a shock rather than the passing of Farah Fawcett. I could go on and on about how many times I watched the Thriller video which was directed by John Landis. This was not only a groundbreaking video on many levels but a great homage to many classic horror as well as having dancing zombies. Come on, who does not like dancing zombie? And yet, MJ also had a scifi connection.

Michael Jackson & E.TI will admit to owning a copy of Michael Jackson narrated the story of E.T. on a record. Those who are familiar with the movie will know how special this Spielberg movie was to many kids. With Michael Jackson having released his Thriller album, you put this two huge icons together and I thought this was the coolest thing ever. To go one further, if you had ever gone to Disney’s Epcot when they first opened will know that MJ starred in a 3-D film production called Captain Eo.

While I vaguely remember what the film was about I do remember one of my earliest piracy efforts. Of course, I can say that this was a no-no but back then, I knew that I will not be able to see this again. There was no internet and not VHS copies of the movie, at least I could remember, so I used my camcorder to record the movie. Here was the big mistake about recording Captain Eo, the movie was in 3-D. But I didn’t care, I still recorded the film and did not return my 3-D glasses. I got back to NY with my prize and the video really sucked. Thank god, we have YouTube and below is the poster as well as the actual film.

I am sad to see Michael go but we have so much of him still with us in his music and many videos that captured the way I want to remember him. Until next time….


  1. mike says:

    So sad. I grew up with his music in the 1980s. Thriller was an album that everyone had to own. Even almost 30 years later, the album is still great. I wish his family and friends the best in trying to recover from this.


  2. SoSF Sam says:

    First was the King of Rock – Elvis
    then the King of Jazz – Davis
    next the King os Soul – Brown
    now the King of Pop – Jackson
    one King remains — The King of Blues – Mr. B.B. King


  3. chevy says:

    The passing of Michael Jackson is really sad and unexpected. Even though I’m only 27yrs old. I remember MJ from the 80’s and before when he was with the Jackson 5. I think that he has influenced some of if not all of the musicians that are out today. No matter what they say. He will be missed.


  4. I felt such tremendous shock as well as heart break when I heard about the news of his death. His music has changed so many people and made a difference in this world.
    We plan on honoring him as well as break the world Guinness Record for simultaneous dancing of Thriller all around the world in the event called Thrill The World. Check out for more info. If your in NYC and want to learn thriller and dance with us let me know!


  5. Sci-Fi says:

    Hey, I#m sure it is only a PR gag! He will arise on Halloween with a remake of “Thriller” to annouce his comeback!


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