My Pee-pee Makes My Car Go-Go

Posted: July 15, 2009 in Scifi
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man peeing on car

The Power of Pee | Discovery News Video

July 8, 2009 — Urine-powered cars, homes and personal electronic devices could be available in six months with new technology developed by scientists from Ohio University.

Using a nickel-based electrode, the scientists can create large amounts of cheap hydrogen from urine that could be burned or used in fuel cells. “One cow can provide enough energy to supply hot water for 19 houses,” said Gerardine Botte, a professor at Ohio University developing the technology. “Soldiers in the field could carry their own fuel.”

Pee power is based on hydrogen, the most common element in the universe but one that has resisted efforts to produce, store, transport and use economically.

Storing pure hydrogen gas requires high pressure and low temperature. New nanomaterials with high surface areas can adsorb hydrogen, but have yet to be produced on a commercial scale.

via Urine: A ‘Clean’ Energy Source: Discovery News.

Having found this information incredibly interesting, I started to think about I could tie this in to a scifi angle. The first thing that can to mind was Dune. I did a Dune Book Group on Google and posted some discussion question about ecology and the kind but we never talked about waste. The Fremen wore a stillsuits on the deserts of Arrakis, one would be able to reclaim the water from the waste so as there to be little to no loss of water. In essence, this fuel for another type of engine – a human engine. I had written an earlier post about a similar technology that was discussed on The Colbert Report back in April 2008 which you should check out.

What is even funnier, is the picture above of the women pointing to the man peeing on the car. If you look again, it appears that she is pointing to the gas tank where I man could one day peeing the tank to fuel up his car. If we carry that thought further, how far from reality would be for a man to start having sex with his own car. Take a look at the video below and the video may not be work safe as this may be a little risque.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  3. I’m speechless! Such a funny commercial.


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