40th Anniversary of Man on the Moon

Posted: July 20, 2009 in Scifi
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footprint on the moon

Today marks a very special day for all of us. 40 years ago, man had gone where no man has gone before… to the Moon. While I am slightly older than the actual walking on the Moon, I have always been interested in watching live space activities. I have yet to watch an actual space shuttle take off in person, I did experience a sonic boom when the shuttle was landed back on Earth when I lived in Orlando for a short time back in the late 90’s; how last century.

Last week, there was a great piece on NPR about the footage that was shot on the Moon which was to be better than the crappy and ghosty like images which was aired to us. As the report continued, there was a massive hunt for the recorded tapes of this event. The search was a massive as the huge warehouse were the Ark from the Raiders of the Lost Ark was housed at the end of the film. As it turns out NASA had erased over these tapes to make way for newer recordings. How many times I had mistakenly erased my VHS tapes which were my…uhm, my special collection of stuff gone for ever. I kick myself in the pants for that and thanks for the Intertubes, I can find those missing items.  However, with Houston doing essentially, they had wiped out a piece of history which will never been seen again. Thankfully, there is an ongoing restoration project to clean up those video images as you can see from the clips below. While it’s only a few mintues long, it still amazes me to watch it. Click here to read the NPR piece.

Ad Astra!

  1. Celebritylife.org tracking back – 40th Anniversary of Man on the Moon…

    Celebritylife.org tracking back – 40th Anniversary of Man on the Moon…


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