Torchwood Series 3: Day Three Episode Review

Posted: July 22, 2009 in Scifi
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torchwood series 3

The team hide out in a former Torchwood holding facility, stealing to survive. Gwen meets with Lois, giving her a laptop and special contact lenses to report back to her. Gwen also has Clem, arrested for an affray, released and safe with the team. Ms. Johnson locates and captures Alice and her son after Alice has tried to ring Jack, soon after which children state that ‘We’ have arrived and a pillar of fire turns into green ooze as the alien leader communes with Frobisher, watched by the Torchwood team,thanks to Lois. Everything is bound up with the events of 1965,as the alien voice tells Frobisher and Jack also comes to realize. The aliens want ten per cent of the world’s children to go with them whilst Clem recalls Jack as one who allowed the alien abduction in Scotland, which Jack cannot deny.

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One of the current themes that runs in both Dr. Who and Torchwood is the distrust of government officials. We want to believe that the government who is for the people and by the people would protect their best interests. On one hand the Prime Minister has to contain order with its citizens or else chaos would run amok with the coming of the 456. It is quite another thing, to have the government decided your fate or the fate of those who you love as was done or about to be done in this episode.

Those who follow Dr. Who would remember Harriet Jones who became the Prime Minister and had ordered Torchwood to shoot the retreating Sycorax ship during their attempted invasion. The Doctor was there to avert this disaster but the not very forgiving Jones gave the order. She had remarked to the Doctor that he would not always be there to protect them. On the other hand, the crisis was averted and yet, Jones went one step beyond the right thing to do and crossed the line. In both cases, we see their ultimate demise for their decisions they made. My belief in these recurring themes has to do with the power which comes for those official positions corrupting well intentioned individuals. Humans are infallible even one from the future like Captain Jack.

The devastating ending of this episode which Jack admitted to the 12 children offering to the 456 has come back to bite him in the ass. I am a firm believer that karma has a way of keeping tract of all the deeds we do in life and when it comes back, you are going to be repaid in ways you never thought possible; both good and bad. While there is still a couple of episodes left this payback does come at a dear price.

One of the funniest and sincere moments happened between Jack and Ianto about 15 minutes in Day 3. Ianto asks Jack what it felt like to be blown up which in the context of did you feel it or did it all go black? Jack in character understates the response with, “It wasn’t the best of days.” As soon as I laughed, I started to cringe as Jack stated that he felt everything. The conversation turned to a more solemn turn about their future together. From past immortal heroes like the Highlander, we generally understand those who are immortal will see all those they love die before them again and again. Since we only have one life to lead, we need to make the most of our time. It came as no surprise that Ianto wanted to be intimate with Jack then and there. I truly understood this need as someone who cares about the people I keep around me and tries to make the most of our time together.  Bloody beans; indeed.

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