KY Library Relocates Graphic Novels After Staffers Fired – 12/9/2009 – School Library Journal « Page 49

Posted: December 10, 2009 in Scifi
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I read this article some time ago. Needless to say, I am a bit mixed on the issue. I do understand the motives of the two staffers but barring any person from any age from materials they want, simply put, they do not have the right. Instead, there should have been several safeguards in place to prevent this from happening again.

  1. Parents – where in the hell were they. As a parent, you have the final say and authority over what your children read. This should have been the first and only action needed.
  2. There should have been a security measure with the library card account that informs the library that a parent needs to be present or authorizes them to check out materials freely. Again, this goes back to the parent’s role.
  3. Moving books from one section to another accomplishes nothing. If someone wants the material, they will find it in the branch or go to a librarian to find it. By making this move, you give credence to those who complained about these book being in the YA area.
  4. As for as the staffers being fired, this is a bit extreme considering they are taking the same stance as those who complained about the books being in YA.  Counseling and going over ALA Code of Ethics would have been best advised.

By Lauren Barack — School Library Journal, 12/9/2009

Following the firing of two of its circulation staffers for barring an 11-year-old access to the graphic novel, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier (Wildstorm, 2008), the Jessamine County Library in Kentucky has re-catalogued and moved its entire graphic novel collection further away from its young adult books.

While both YA and adult graphic novels, about 500 in total, were always located in the library’s adult section, Ron Critchfield, Jessamine County Library director, notes that many in the community were concerned about their proximity to the young adult fiction.

via KY Library Relocates Graphic Novels After Staffers Fired – 12/9/2009 – School Library Journal « Page 49.


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