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Posted: December 15, 2009 in Scifi
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Okay, I am will admit that I am getting sucked into the hype for the Avatar movie. My wife told me about the Na’Vi Horse from the movie was in a McD’s Happy Meal. She was telling me the cool lighting features. In my head, I was going, “Great, My Little Pony: The Next Generation or My Little Pony 2.0.” But when my son got one over the weekend, I was giddy as a schoolgirl playing with it including taking this picture above. Go a step further, I saw this link below about the augmented reality toy feature, I nearly crapped my pants…ok a little. I assure you… you will plotz in your pants when you watch the YouTube clip; it’s F%&$in’ Awesome!!!!

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If you are making a blockbuster movie like Avatar, you also need to have an action figures line to offer. And of cause, Avatar has just that.

This post just feature a few of the action figures that’s already available, they are made by Mattel and look like you would expect, a bit plastic. But it’s still fun to have a look at the toys as you get to see a lot of details on the machines and creatures that flash by very fast  in the teaser trailer.

Some of the toys includes a little card that you scan via your webcam and by that creates an on-screen augmented reality robot or character that you can play around with on your computer, it looks very cool and is kind of hard to explain so have a look at the embedded video.

Now you know what to buy you kids/friends for christmas!

If you want to see all the toys, have a look at Amazon.com

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  1. guwami says:

    i .like all visual effects in this movie. no doubt this ill be super movie for ever. i like this very much.


  2. Amanda says:

    Thank you for sharing this. Latest Mr. Bean Avatar pictures from Avatar Movie Blog http://digg.com/d31G8sd


  3. Bravo says:

    i watch AVATAR movie,its showing American mind set, to Kill innocent Women,Child and Older people, and Un-Armed Human any where in Planet and may be become in universe too, ll ready do in vietnam, cambodia, africa, Iraq and Afghanistan, and do propaganda they are Human been and others are terrorist, if One American Die in combat they kill thousand with modern ammunition and say “Save the World”

    I can just pray the God, give him mind and hart to to respect other country human been, people get Food and Medicine Not Ammunition,


  4. Avatar is definatelly the best science fiction movie of the year. It has already outperformed Titanic! But, you’re right: the revolution is not only on the movie but, also, on the merchandise released. These action figures are unique thanks to the new card you activate with your computer webcam. It’s an awsome way to get younger people’s curiosity up and the action figures are one of a kind items thanks to the detailed design. In addition, each figure or sets of figures comes with their own display cases! They’re great for collection items and gifts.


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