Confirmed: Bryan Singer Is Directing X-Men: First Class

Posted: December 17, 2009 in Scifi
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Just hearing the news, I am pleased as punch. While I was disheartened by Ratner’s X-Men 3 and this summer’s Wolverine, I am very optimistic that Singer will give the right attention and respect the franchise deserves. Okay, I understood Ratner’s POV in his commentary about what he had to work with but honestly killing off Scott so early in the film was a WTF moment. And I will admit, I love Wolverine as the next geek but I making him the breakout character in his own movie was the right move but failed to deliver a compelling story. Go one step further, the new animated series Wolverine and the X-Men does not interest me a bit and leaves more angry with Wolverine as the lead. I am a diehard comic fan and Scott was and always will be the leader of the X-Men. Wolverine is the brutal muscle of the group and not the brains.

Moving forward, will we see Scott, Jean, Hank, Warren, and Bobby as the original quintet. What do you think?

The man behind the first 2 X-movies is getting back behind the lens for the teeny mutant adventures. Now we have video confirmation..

Ok, I just received this info from CBM user Erickz.

He writes:

“dude, I was watching the live stream for ‘Avatar’ on myspace and Bryan Singer just popped up on the red carpet. And they asked what projects he has coming up and he mentioned he is doing ‘Jack the Giant Killer’ but the moment that shocked me was…right after he said that, he also stated that just yesterday he signed the deal to do the ‘X-Men: First Class movie.’ And when they told him they were broadcasting live, he made the face of “oh sh*t”.So I guess he is returning to the franchise. Anyway, I just had to tell you that so you can post it up or something. And man. I’m not lying here. O had to come and tell another comic book freak like me. Hope this information helps.”

Thanks a mill for the scoop Erickz. Obviously this will have to remain a rumor until we get confirmation. But if it turns out to be the real deal I think it’s a good thing. Even though I have little to no interest in a ‘First Class’ movie, no matter who may be directing.

via Confirmed: Bryan Singer Is Directing X-Men: First Class.

Original Video – More videos at TinyPic


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