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Posted: December 31, 2009 in Scifi
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While over X-mas, I received a pair of Transformers pajamas which were freaking awesome. A friend of mine from the library sent me this link and was ecstatic about this new line of Star Wars shoes from Adidas, which I want to buy. Putting these two thoughts together, I started to wonder, should I, a man in my 40’s, a husband and father to two children, be more mature and not wear clothing products from my childhood?

I’ve been struggling this past year of holding on to the past too hard. I love the memories and cherish those special moments with special people and feelings. I still want to continue living in that world where I was happy and where I had the all the time in the world and my whole life ahead of me. Alas, I am no longer a child, a teen, or even a dude. I have become something much more now than I could I ever dreamt of. Yet, anytime I play my Cat People soundtrack or a song from the 80’s or some crappy scifi show like M.A.N.T.I.S., I am transported back to those times. I miss those individuals that I am reminded of and wish for them to be in my life now. However, I decided to end certain things and refocus my energies on where I was and where I was going. I will always be haunted by these thoughts and at times, I have to indulge and given in to those needs. In the meantime, I have been giving away certain items that either I have no room for in my home to either the Salvation Army or to friends at work. I am slowly progressing ever slowly to the future. I am hoping for a new year to grow and expand to new areas of thinking both professionally and personally. Still, I think the shoes above are way cool to buy a pair. Read below on the article as well as more pics.

BY CLIFF KUANG Wed Dec 23, 2009 at 9:09 AM

The full line is actually pretty subtle. Stylish, even.

A month ago, we wrote about the new Star Wars–themed shoe line Adidas was creating for 2010. At the time, only teaser shots were available. But the full deets are out, and the results, against all expectations, are kind of awesome.

What’s particularly clever is how very subtle the Star Wars references are. Spotting these on the street, you’d never know they were themed cross-branding. But if someone told you what the visual inspiration was, you’d say “Ah-ha!”

Yoda’s shoes have that rugged, handmade look that’s oh so popular in the forbidding swamps of Dagobah:

via These Adidas Star Wars Kicks Are Kinda Genius | Design & Innovation | Fast Company.


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