The House Next Door | Caprica: “Pilot”

Posted: January 23, 2010 in Scifi
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While I am re-watching the last season of BSG, I have seen the initial first movie of this series. While I was downright disappointed with the story, there were some highlights. Esai Morales playing Joseph Adama was in my opinion the best thing about the series. Being latino, I am always impressed when an actor can be more than just the color of skin. Edward James Olmos as Admiral Adama has raised such a bar of excellence in acting on a scifi tv series no less, Esai looks to be on the same path to greatness. While I may knock the series as Crapica, I have been known to watch even less worthy scifi shows to kill my time like SeaQuest, and Andromeda. I’m sure I’ll be watching in time; just not in a rush. In any case, read over Tony’s review from the Cinema Viewfinder.



While some felt that Battlestar Galactica’s finale repudiated much that came before it, both thematically and in its execution, others (like myself) felt the story had come to an emotionally satisfying conclusion. Either way, disgruntled or devoted fans of the show—and even those who’ve never seen it—will find its new soapy spinoff, Caprica, of interest. Like its predecessor, which was couched in Bush-era “War on Terror” parallels, the show alludes to present day tensions stemming from Obama’s promise of change, something I discussed at length in a piece I wrote back in April after watching an early DVD release of the pilot.

“Caprica: 58 Years Before the Fall” reads the opening title card to the two-hour debut. The Fall refers to humanity’s near extinction at the hands of their robotic Cylon creations in BSG’s premiere. This prequel explores the fateful forces which led to their creation and rise to prominence. It begins with two young girls perishing in a terrorist attack orchestrated by a monotheistic cult known as the Soldiers of the One (the seed for the Cylon belief in one God; contrarian in the polytheistic society of Caprica). The girls’ respective fathers—Daniel Graystone (Eric Stoltz), a Bill Gates/Steve Jobs-like billionaire genius looking for the missing link in his robotics research, and Joseph Adams (Esai Morales), a Michael Corleone-type attorney reluctant to join the family (as in Family) business—are our portals into this show’s world.

via The House Next Door | Caprica: “Pilot”.


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