Information Architecture – Labeling Systems « Page 49

Posted: February 9, 2010 in Scifi
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To minimize this disconnect, information architects must try their best to design labels that speak the same language as a site’s users while reflecting it’s content. And, just as in dialogue, when there is a question or confusion over a label, there should be clarification and explanation. Labels should educate users about new concepts and help them quickly identify familiar ones.

Chapter 6

Why do I have a picture of the comic book guy from the Simpsons holding some type of beverage? Labels. You can decide for yourself what type of drink it is. For argument sakes, let’s call this soda. If we go across the U.S., the same beverage can be called pop. Another variation would be soft drink, soda water, or tonic. Again, based on the region you live in, you can name the same item with a different name and still be correct. Why does this have to do with information architecture?

via Information Architecture – Labeling Systems « Page 49.


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