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Posted: February 9, 2010 in Scifi
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Our understanding of the world is largely determined by our ability to organize information. Where do you live? What do you do? Who are you? Our answers reveal the systems of classifications that for the very foundations of our understanding. Chapter 5

This was a loaded statement when I read this the first time. I am currently living into worlds: one of librarian and the other as a patron. I have been a patron longer than I have been a librarian. I have used the library many times in my life for many reasons. I wanted to learn how to make a movie and went to the library, used the card catalog, and found the books I needed. Prior to this, I did have instructions from my old school librarian which did play a role in using the public library. However, if I had little to no training, how could I find what I needed? Yes, there could be a librarian who could help me but what if I was left to my own devices? When I look at the world of Dewey, I can appreciate the concept of organization but from user point of view; it’s not user friendly. Unlike a bookstore where there are more laymen subject headings, the public library does try to have a similar approach. For me, when I look at graphic novels there are several ways to organize the books by. (Note, I had worked at Borders Bookshop in Miami where I had the number 1 sales in the company when there where only 47 stores.) We had Marvel Comics, DC, Dark Horse and other independent publishing companies. I broke up the books by the different companies and then within each company there different series alpha by title. When it comes to Dewey, the books are arranged alpha by the author. This would make sense if you were following a particular author’s work. Needless to say, growing up on comics, all I cared about was the story of my favorite characters and books: X-Men, Daredevil, JLA, Teen Titans and so on. Read on what Dewey does:

via Information Architecture – Organization Systems « Page 49.


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