Olivia Munn – Sci-Fi Sexy Siren « Grassy Knoll Institute

Since I can not get enough Munn in my life, at least I am not alone. Check out the entry below for more pics of Ms. Olivia. (sigh!)

Olivia Munn – Sci-Fi Sexy Siren

Posted by LOTGK on February 18, 2010

Meet Olivia Munn, sexy co-host from the cable channel G-4 program, Attack Of The Show. (AOTS) Olivia, in a most unique style, (You have to see her hot dog from a string bit) reviews new tech gadgets, the daily news, viral videos, pop culture, new video games, movies, and all things digital. As an added bonus, she stars in several parodies of Sci-Fi movies and shows. And oh yea, she is the absolute sexiest Princess Leia this side of Alderaan. This would be enough for Olivia to land on the Sci-Fi Sexy Sirens but there is much more to her than just G-4.

Olivia has a part in the upcoming Science Fiction blockbuster film, Iron Man 2, due in theaters later this year. Plus she had a role in the horror film Insanitarium. You can read about Olivia Munn at her website plus plenty more sexy pictures, funny stories, and general good entertainment. Enjoy!

via Olivia Munn – Sci-Fi Sexy Siren « Grassy Knoll Institute.



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