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Posted: March 13, 2010 in Scifi
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Tron Legacy marketing is going into full effect. This past week, it was announce that the monorails at Disney were getting the lightcycle skins. As seen below, these are freakin’ amazing and can not wait to see them in person.

If you wan to appraised of any new information, I provided the link to the Disney Blog. Other plans in the works, Tomorrowland’s acarde will be transformed to Flynn’s as seen in the first and second movie. Hopefully, if Tron Legacy is a big success, we can expect at least two more Tron movies.

Next, below is going to be the next Cindy Morgan/Lora/Yori – Olivia Wilde. I’ve been hearing the name for a while but frankly don’t know who she is but I can see myself going gaga over her.

Finally, if you have not seen the latest trailer, take a gander of the new clip. While I am happy to see Bruce Boxleitner/Alan/Tron, I’m surprised not to see Cindy. Bruce as aged fantastically but is this fair to leave out another cast member due to appearances? That’s my two cents. Let me know your thoughts.

Trailer for Tron Legacy

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