Egotastic! – Olivia Munn in a Bikini, Riding a Unicorn: Hot, Funny, Complex

Posted: March 24, 2010 in Scifi
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So the other day, I had a dream about the lovely Olivia Munn and no, it was not one of those dreams. Rather, I dreamed that a few friends of mine were going to star in the next Spiderman movie. I was all psyched because I was going to interview them for my podcast. To add to the dream, I was going to fly everyone to NY on my plane and Olivia was going to meet up with me. While I was excited on a numerous levels, Munn being one of them, my podcast has been neglected for some time. The last time I did my podcast was back on August 2009. I’ve been struggling to finish school and last semester was a killer taking three classes, working full time, and raising a family. This semester, I have one less class but all the demands on my is still on me. I had to turn down an opportunity to be on terrestrial radio which I really hated to do. I’m pushing myself to promote my podcast on Facebook which you can join my Fan Page. I am hoping to be more engaging in my passion amongst everything else. In the meantime, there are more pics of Olivia over at Egotastic. Follow the link below.

Aaaaand, Olivia Munn does it again. This time, not only do we have some very hot pictures of Olivia Munn in a bikini, but she’s also riding a cartoon Unicorn, and hanging out with other animated woodland creatures. Oh, and being swallowed whole by a snake, with nothing but her sexy legs sticking out. I laughed my fucking ass off when I saw that one. Good job, Munn. Good job.

via Egotastic! – Olivia Munn in a Bikini, Riding a Unicorn: Hot, Funny, Complex.

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