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Posted: March 25, 2010 in Scifi
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Trailer for Predators

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When I saw this new Predators trailer, I can’t say that I was overly thrilled with the premise. We know that the Predator is nothing more than an alien game hunter; I got that from the first movie. The second movie was a scaled down version of the jungle story less Ah-nuld. The two Aliens vs. Predator movies really had a great opportunity to expand both franchises. However, the trailer for Predators seems like, “What if we did a reboot idea?” Instead of the Predator going to Earth hunting for prey, there is a selection of humans for whatever reason selected for this game. If this was the go ahead idea, I think this is a bad call. I would have opted to see different types of alien lifeforms including human; you mix it up in a new way. This to me seems to be the next logical step to see what other prey the Predator goes for. Imagine the Alien creature pairing up with a human to fight against the Predator. This may be far-fetched but I think the concept would fare better than Predators.

The next time you may be asking, what gives about Star Hunter? Well, I am a fair connoisseur of all things scifi; that’s what I do – both good and oh, my god this is sh$t beyond crap. So, much of the crap that is on the SYFY channel (stupid name) is a rip off from something that has been done before and much better. But believe it or not, even SYFY has some standards and Star Hunter is way below that bar even though is stars the late Roddy McDowall.

To begin with, the Star Hunter does not travel alone, there is one hunter and the other acts as a lure. Guess which one Roddy is not? Basically, the duo escaped from an intergalactic prison which the stock footage alludes to. Next, they land on eArth, yes eArth (bonus points if you can find the movie with this pronunciation), and set up shop to hunt. The stereotypical teens in this movie, which that are 15 years too old, get lost in a LA neighborhood. They are “befriended” by Roddy, who is blind in the movie and I still don’t understand why. There is a collection of military weaponry Roddy has “collected” only to later find that the Star Hunter choses to fight and kill using the species native weapons. In other words, you have an alien “Predator” shooting at people with a handgun, shotgun and bazooka. You know this is a super cheap production when they can afford to do lasers. And the rest goes yada, yada, yada….

Basically, I don’t want the Predator franchise to become the Star Hunter franchise.

What do you think about Predators?

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  1. Inka says:

    Well, about the idea of an Alien creature teaming up with a human was done during the first AvP with a human teaming up with a predator to kill the mother alien. So if they just switched it up with who the human teams up with would still be a downer.

    I do however like the idea of having other E.T.s being the prey other than these weak humans. This is the equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel with the only danger being getting splashed by the water.


  2. monster7of9 says:

    My bad about AvP. I need to re-watch the series.


  3. Whiskey says:

    RR confirmed that there are other alien life forms being hunted along with the humans in Predators. however, the humans here arent week. they are smart and capable of enflicting a lot of damage as long as they stick together and set traps for the Predator and discover they can be invisible with some mud (which they do discover thanks to Noland hooking them up with his knowledge and arsenal of versitile weapons in his hideout). we all know that the Predator is going to wanna fight in close quarters combat at the end of the day anyways.

    human characters are essential here. i could care less watching just other alien species being hunted. what RR is doing is the right step to make this franchise great again


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