The Janeway That Never Was….Thank God.

Many of us who follow Star Trek through its many spin-offs will recognize our dear Captain Janeway as played by Katherine Kiernan Mulgrew or Kate Mulgrew. While not the first female Captain as seen in the Star Trek franchise, she is the first to head her own series. Right from the beginning of the “Caretaker” episode, we see Janeway as more than capable and headstrong to her male counterparts. We see an icon being born and joining the ranks of Kirk, Picard, and Sisko. (Sorry, Archer. You don’t make the cut.) Thank fully, Kate was brought in to take over the role from fellow actress, Geneviève Bujold. While I am not disputing her acting, I enjoyed watching her in Cronenberg’s Dead Ringers with Jeremy Irons but it was clear that even on a good clear day you can speak the technobabble, there was nothing in her delivery/acting that rang true. Below is a pic of Geneviève in the Starfleet uniform plus I included a clip from YouTube. There is another scene with Tuvok but I will not torturing you.

Happy belated B’day to Geneviève as her birthday was on July 1.


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