I Wonder about Wonder Woman. Don’t You?

While I am a bit late to chime in on the Wonder Woman costume change, I still want to throw in my two cents. The most obvious comparison to the new WW costumer was  Rogue from the X-Men. The waist length short jacket with the rolled up sleeve was an immediate connection. The pseudo gloves that are a bit longer the usual kind but unlike Rogue, where it serves a purpose, WW’s gloves are more decorative. (Though I can’t tell if WW is still wearing her bracelet, can’t imagine why they would get rid of them.) Lastly, we have a skin tight body suit. While, from a crime fighting practicality, the leggings are more user friendly rather than the bustier. I don’t mind the updated approach to reflect the times but this outfit is already dated.

This is not the first time I’ve seen another version of the WW costume. Back in ye olden days, before there was a Linda Carter, there was another WW by Cathy Lee Crosby. The YouTube clip below shows a WW jumpsuit if that’s what you can call it. The whole WW movie (1974) was a disaster even for this 7 year old back then. Thank God, Carter’s WW was done with some respect to the comic.

So, this begs the question, since we are getting this updated WW, who would you cast in a new WW movie based on this design? By the way, the pic below is from this site http://fanartexhibit.wordpress.com/. (WOW!) Give them a try.


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