Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Green Lantern’ Costume: A High-Res Image And A Closer Look!

Posted: July 15, 2010 in Scifi
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We start off with this new suit version less the white gloves, the green boots, and the black leggings. Or at the least from the picture above, these items are missing. Is this bad?

When I look this next pic, we can see some variations of GL’s outfit from Hal, Guy, Kyle, Jon and Kilowog. Again, there is nothing wrong from the different interpretations and the movies add there own spin.  Prime example is how Batman’s costume went completely black with the yellow bat emblem instead of the grey, black and blue color scheme. Superman’s outfit stayed pretty much on par with the comic except for Superman Returns where there was some tweaking done with the boots, belt and color of his cape. With the new GL movie, I’m not completely wowed by it.

First off, the light that seems to be illuminating between the lines of the bodysuit seems a little Tron-ish. If we see an increase in the lighting due to a recharge from the lantern, I am going to be really displeased with this move because it would look to cheesy. Second, the whole lined bodysuit doesn’t appear to have any practical usage real world except to drain the rain from one part of his body to another like some type of irrigation system. Second, I’ve seen this type of design before from Dracula with Gary Oldman. Look below:

What do you think?

Posted 1 hr ago by Rick Marshall in DC Comics, News

Earlier today we got our first look at Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, and while we had to make do with a relatively small image at the time, we now have a much bigger version of the cover to share with you.

The EW crew has provided Splash Page readers with a high-res version of their “Green Lantern” cover, and we’ll be honest with you: it looks much better in this format. We offered you some of our knee-jerk reactions to the “Green Lantern” costume not too long ago, and at least o

via Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Green Lantern’ Costume: A High-Res Image And A Closer Look!.

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