Matt Smith to leave Doctor Who in 2011? (via The Daily P.O.P.)

Posted: July 17, 2010 in Scifi
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I know that the news doesn’t appear to be a definite but come on. I don’t want to know that come 2012, the year everything gets destroyed, that we may have another new Doctor. Granted, I can see this as a ploy to increase angst and fan worship to get him a better contract. However, if he claims that Hollywood is calling him, two words, Jeffrey Hunter.

Those who are familiar with the Star Trek lore will recognize the name of Hunter as Captain Christopher Pike in the first Trek pilot. When the studio passed on this pilot but ordered a second, Jeffrey opted out to concentrate on his movie career. We then get William Shatner as Captain Kirk and the rest is scifi history. With Jeffrey, studio contracts were become a thing of the past and Jeffrey had a less than stellar career from then on. I’m not saying this can happen to Matt but we know that there is a finite time limit to play the role of the Doctor. Having said this, this is only a couple of times we can use the “Regeneration” for another Doctor. I think this would be a big blow to the franchise where they could have continued the series for another 10 to 20 years for a new generation of fans.

Matt Smith to leave Doctor Who in 2011? The UK press is reporting that Doctor No. 11, Matt Smith is looking to leave the role after his sophomore year on the program. reports: …a friend of his told The Sun of his big American dream which is likely to shock BBC bosses: ‘Matt plans to quit after the next series.’ ‘He is eager to try new things and thinks Hollywood be … Read More

via The Daily P.O.P.

  1. dailypop says:

    This has since been debunked by Karen Gillan.


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