‘Sucker Punch’: The First Trailer – Speakeasy – WSJ

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Scifi
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‘Sucker Punch’: The First Trailer

Text By WSJ Staff

Warner Bros.

Vanessa Hudgens in “Sucker Punch.”

Zack Snyder is The Man when it comes to films aimed at teenage boys. He scored a huge hit with the movie “300″ and paved the way for Gerard Butler to squander his talent in a series of romcoms. He also directed “Watchmen,” a film adaptation of the beloved comic book that was savaged by many critics because it’s part of the critical code to pan movies adapted from beloved comic books unless they’re directed by Christopher Nolan.

via ‘Sucker Punch’: The First Trailer – Speakeasy – WSJ.

  1. Luis " Capri" Duprey says:

    Looks like a winner.


  2. dailypop says:

    I think that this movie may do it for me where Watchmen came up short. I like Watchmen, but ultimately it felt like an empty experience. Snyder aces the digital visuals, but he was bogged down with Moore’s narrative. In this case where he can concentrate on the visuals and tell his own story (for what it is), I think he will really shine.


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