Shadow And Act » Watch The Official 12-Minute “Lost” Epilogue! (Where’s Walt?)

Posted: August 8, 2010 in Scifi
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Before it gets taken down, here is your chance to see the Lost Epilogue that is being touted as part of the final Lost DVD season.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

First impressions: We get to see Linus act under the direction of the “New Boss” to close down Dharma offices. This office in Guam could be one of many or the start of many scenes Linus will have to perform. What is interesting is how Linus offered to answer one question from each soon to be unemployed employees. One of the questions was about the Polar Bears on the island. While I am not going to discuss the details, I will say that I am still left with more questions about their presence on the island and yes, the bears are not your friend (It’s in the video clip). However, the bulk of this short video is taken up by a Dharma orientation dvd which was great but not exactly what I had in mind about the Hugo/Linus new partnership.

Next, we see Linus visiting Walt in the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. He is trying to convince him that he has work to do and to help his father. Those who followed the series will remember that Walt’s dad Michael could not leave the Island for his past sins. Although he is dead, Linus insists that Walt can still help him. At the end of this scene, we finally get to see Hugo who is offering him a job – which is THE JOB. This left me more anxious to learn what happens next but the show is over; no mas.

So, do we care what happens after the long and complex series of Lost? If so, do you think another tv series – spinoff – would work? Or should the series be done differently such as a comic which would make sense since Walt was into comics at the beginning of the series. I for one would love to see the later come to play as this could a very unique product that is not all about superheroes.

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