The Walking Dead Volume 1 Graphic Novel Review

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Scifi
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The Walking Dead Vol.1 Days Gone By

By Robert Kirkman; Illustrations by Tony Moore

In this black and white graphic novel, Rick Grimes is a small town police officer from Kentucky who wakes up from a coma from a gun fire fight. The hospital is eerily quiet with no one around except for zombies. Escaping this living horror in the hospital and with the help of a couple of survivors, Rick heads to Atlanta to find his wife and child. For those who love zombies this is an excellent series to pick up. There is enough action and gore to satisfy the even more hardcore zombie fans. However, you will be more intrigued and terrified more by survivors and not in just this book but the entire series.

As a heads up, this series will be coming to cable this fall on AMC. The pic below is Andrew Lincoln as Officer Rick Grimes.

If you have not read the first book, now is the chance to see AMC’s motion comic of The Walking Dead.


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