Fritz Lang’s Metropolis -remastered (via The Daily P.O.P.)

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Scifi
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I’ve been fascinated by this movie ever since I watched it on the big screen back in 1984 with my best friend. However, this Metropolis was the not original per se but an updated version by Giorgio Moroder. Going into this, I knew that there were changes to the film such as the big C word COLOR and a rock score. With the former, the color aspect is not as horrific to watch as the early days of colorizing old b&w films. The shots themselves had different colored hues which was not only visually appealing but added another layer and distinction to the world above and the world below.

As for the rock score, this was the height of 80’s music for me and who does not  love Freddie Mercury, Adam Ant, and Bonnie Tyler to name a few plus to boot, Giorgio himself who set out to re-create this version. While I will always associate him to the Cat People soundtrack,which played an important part of my life but  a story for another time, he also worked on the Electric Dreams soundtrack; another classic 80’s film. I can appreciate the original version, Giorgio’s version and now with the updated version, I can not wait to re-watch all versions of this incredible film really soon. Below is a trailer to version I’ve been talking about. After that, read more about the new update

Fritz Lang's Metropolis -remasteredThe masterpiece of German cinema by director Fritz Lang, 1927’s Metropolis has been influencing filmmakers since it was first shown to the public. An evocative and existential tale of humanity, Metropolis is renowned for its breathtaking special effects. From the Tower of Babel to the construction of the robot Maria, the film is a marvel of cinematic majesty. A silent film, the movie has been released with several different soundtracks, ranging f … Read More

via The Daily P.O.P.

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