Top Ten 70’s Horror Movie (10-8)

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Scifi
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10. One of the best styled horror movie of this decade. Brian De Palma has a distinctive style in many of his films that have a dream like quality, slow motion action as well split screen camera action. Carrie will be the start of many of Stephen King’s books to be adopted for the big screen just as The Shining, Cat’s Eye, Firestarter, and The Dead Zone to name a few. Also couple of notable facts, this is John Travolta first movie role, pre The Greatest American Hero William Kat, and P.J. Soles who will be in another classic horror movie but that will be revealed at a later time.

9. Horror from the North, Canada’s very own David Cronenberg is one of those directors that many may not of heard. Trust me, he is amazing on many levels and in case you’ve missed the Cronenberg’s blog-a-thon click here to read some great entries on his career. In the 80’s, Cronenberg will direct two of my favorites horror films which I will talk about later.

With Rabid, I believe we get the first variation of the traditional zombie genre where a virus was causing the plague. From an accident, we get Rose (Marilyn Chambers) receiving a skin graft that causes her to crave blood and gets it in a very unusual way. In the process, she passes along the virus to others and so forth. To note about Marilyn, she was a porn star and Rabid was her first legitimate movie role. Prior, she was a spokeswoman for Ivory Soap.

8. There are two things that you will take away from this film are the Tall Man and the flying sphere ball. This movie would eventually spawn off 3 more sequels. Really, there is nothing else to say except for those two key points but nonetheless, it is still a notable horror film.


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