Reassignment: Deep Space Nine

Posted: January 7, 2011 in Scifi
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Hooray for the first blog entry for 2011. After a long break, I’ve been thinking about a great deal as to what is on the horizon for me in 2011. For starters, July 2011 will mark my 5 year anniversary of my podcast – The Monster Scifi Show.

This month my daughter turns 10 which makes me feel happy that my parenting skills have not damaged, maimed, or make her lose a limbs; huzzah. But her moving up in the tween zone will increase my uneasiness as she will soon become a teenager before my eyes.

Third, my wife will be celebrating a major milestone as she will become the big 4-0. And to boot, her b-day lands right on Thanksgiving. I’m hoping to celebrate her birthday via a 1970’s party. Still in the planning stages.

Fourth, around the same time as my wife’s birthday, I will be celebrating my 20th year of living in Miami, Florida. This is almost as much time as I spent living in da’ Bronx, New York. Every once in while I do get homesick for NY because of certain sights, people and even smells which I can’t get here. So, aside from all this plus the slew of scifi, fantasy and summer movie  blockbusters coming up, I had expect 2011 to be a better year all around than 2010. That is until today. 

This morning I found out that I am being transferred to another branch. I will admit the news did not sit well with me. I have grown to love my current assignment as I have made some great strides to improve my Young Adult stats and close working relationship with a few co-workers. I will be starting in two weeks at my new branch which means my days of walking to work will come to an abrupt end.

Despite this, I will try to look upon this new assignment as new challenges to face in my career as a librarian which I forgot to mention that I should be done with my classes for my Masters in Library Science. (small yea!) More importantly, I have to put the transfer in terms of Star Trek metaphors. Almost two years ago, I was transferred to my current assignment. (Click here to read the previous post.) I compared this regional library in size and perspective of Enterprise 1701-D Galaxy Class starship. My new assignment will be at Deep Space Nine.

Where I am going, the library is not a free-standing structure which I could compare it to another starship. No, this library is in a cluster with other government building and services. So these cluster of buildings at this government center really works with the DS9 metaphor. I’ve worked at this branch before so there is nothing for me to worry about and yet, it took me a long time to love DS9 as a series. I’m sure with this assignment I just need to give it time.

That’s all the news I have now but I’m hoping things will settle down by next month to get back into the flow of all things scifi.


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