Christopher Nolan Explains Choice of No 3D in Batman 3 – Screen Rant

My hope with less 3D movies in the future that my headaches will go away. I’m not knocking the 3D technology but watching Avatar really hurt despite watching this incredible spectacle. Tron Legacy however had a partial 2D sequences which helped eased my discomfort. While there was some incredible framed shots where the 3D worked really well in Tron, it was not necessary to deliver the amazing visuals. Having said this, not everything needs to be in 3D and with Nolan in essence ruling out 3D for the next Batman I will be happy once more to watch a regular 2D movie in the theaters. I understand how much money 3D movies make for the studios and how this helps to cut down on movie privacy but for me having to wear 3D glasses on top of my glasses is really annoying. If am going to shell out extra for admission, I want to be well worth it rather than the studios slapping on the sticker, “Now with 3D” to all their films. Otherwise, the youtube clip from Second City helps to illustrate the lameness of watching 3D for everything.

Jan 9, 2011 by Rob Keyes

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Christopher Nolan explains the reasoning behind not implementing 3D into ‘Inception’ and why he won’t introduce the format with the conclusion of his Batman trilogy, in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

While comic book fans and movie buffs theorize on what characters, villains and stories Christopher Nolan is drawing from to conclude his Batman trilogy with The Dark Knight Rises, we do have some important

hard facts about the film. What may be the most interesting design choice about the movie – and certainly very pleasing to moviegoers – is that Nolan will not will shooting Batman 3 in 3D, nor converting it afterward as per the desire of Warner Bros.

Nolan’s interest in utilizing IMAX tech may lead to them shooting most, if not all, of The Dark Knight Rises in the higher resolution (and expensive) format instead. And if director of photography, Wally Pfister, has his way, he’d love to do the entire movie in IMAX as well. But with 3D offering and obvious method of bringing in more cash for the studio, why didn’t Nolan share his Inception in 3D and why will The Dark Knight Rises not be shot that way either?

via Christopher Nolan Explains Choice of No 3D in Batman 3 – Screen Rant.

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