I really hate who life works sometimes. I just found out the Charlie Callas has passed away. For me, I loved his sense of humor in his performances. I will always remember him as the Soothsayer from Mel Brook’s History of the World Part 1. Below is a clip from The Roman Empire segment. You can see Charlie about 50 seconds into the clip.

 As I was looking over his career, there were two things that stuck out. First, Charlie was part of an ensemble cast in The Legends of the Superheroes from 1979. He played Sinestro and I was able to find a pic of him with the cast. He second from the left under Solomon Grundy. Yes, this live action series was terrible but I watched none the less.

The second thing I found out today is more heartbreaking. Charlie lent his voice to bring Elliot in Disney’s Pete’s Dragon to life. This was one of my all time favorite movies growing up and honestly, who did not want to have an Elliot all your own. I am going to have to re-watch this movie this weekend to remember Charlie.

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