Is The Sequel To Monsters Going To Be A TV Series Or A Movie? Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors

Posted: February 6, 2011 in Scifi
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One of the complaints I had with this movie is the slow pacing and the lack of action as the poster hinted at. However, I did enjoy this movie immensely with incredible cgi work. As for the notion to make this into a tv series, there could be some incredible concepts to be played with ala Alien Nation for example.

Alien Nation the movie was a great popcorn flick with lots of humor and scifi action. On the bigger picture, there were issues of prejudice and xenophobia that reflected on how we still treat each other today but in a future setting. The Alien Nation tv series really expand the roles of Sikes and Francisco and pushed other issues to the forefront like what is being a man really mean when Francisco was with child.

With Monsters, there was a sense that these creatures were not here to take over the world but rather adapt to a new way of life and with other creatures of their kind. In this context, I’m sure animal activists would have issues with military being used to kill off these creatures. Or look at the issue of whale hunting still going on today, we could have the monsters being hunted for some properties and then killed like collecting fur. Political issues could also give rise to some interesting drama as the creatures were not being contained. Other countries would threaten the U.S. and Mexico that is the aliens are not destroyed, there could be a potential of war with other nations.

In a few minutes, I came up with some plot points that could work in a tv format. If the sequel of Monsters will be another feature film, there needs to be a great deal more action like Aliens was to Alien. As for Edwards, he is going to be busy with the new Godzilla which I can’t wait to see.

Have you seen Monsters? What are your thoughts?

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I’ll use a couple of interviews from the same outlet to illustrate this story. First of all, an interview from last August, in which Gareth Edwards tells Dread Central that his low-budget movie Monsters might get a spin-off TV show:

“I just don’t know if Monsters in the future would involve me or not, but I do think there have been discussions about looking into a television series based on what we created with Monsters. I know I’d like to try something different for my next project and then maybe see what happens from there”

via Is The Sequel To Monsters Going To Be A TV Series Or A Movie? Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors.


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