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Posted: February 24, 2011 in Scifi
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Nuts, I say, nuts. Huh? Exactly not in the terms that this is crazy. Let me explain myself with Jericho. In the past month, I bought Jericho Season 1 on dvd super cheap. I knew about the series and the situation with CBS cancelling this show. Fans of Jericho mounted a campaign that was on par with Futurama, Family Guy, and Firefly (to a lesser degree) to bring back these shows back on the air and theaters in Firefly’s case.

Nuts played an important part in Jericho and the fans rallied behind this cause. I never understood the connection until I came to the final episode of season 1. In a nutshell, pardon the pun, Jake Green (main lead) and other town members are gearing up for war with a neighboring town. In the episode, we see numerous flashbacks of Jake right before his brother’s wedding. The important scene is Jake with his grandfather.

His grandfather recalls the story of the World War IIBattle of the Bulge, in which US Army forces under the command of Gen. Anthony McAuliffe were outgunned and outnumbered by Nazis who surrounded them at the town of Bastogne. When Gen. McAuliffe was offered the option to surrender, his response was simply “Nuts,” which Jake’s grandfather said meant “Go to Hell.”

As the episode progressed, we see Jake facing a similar situation as stated above. He tells the Mayor of the war mongering town, “Nuts.” I can see this very dramatic moment became the war cry for many Jericho fans to say, “Nuts” to CBS. As such, there was a second season, shorter, but nonetheless Jericho was bought back on the air.

Flash forward to this remark by Nathan Fillion, whereby, if he had won the state’s lottery and had $300 million dollars, he would try to buy the rights to Firefly. Of course, fans of Nathan and Firefly have started the process of seeing if this could become a reality. This begs the question, would you support Nathan to buy the right for Firefly? Never minds the legal issue or how to raise funds from fans on this matter; I am just curious to see how much fans are willing to support a show that they love rather the showing (they’re) their nuts (heeheehee). But aside from this, how would you want to see the series – taking place right after the Serenity with several new cast members or continue the story prior to the movie and bring back Wash and Book?

Feb 23, 2011 by Michael Crider

After an offhand remark by Nathan Fillion, a social network campaign has begun to obtain the rights to ‘Firefly’ from Fox and start the series anew.

Nathan Fillion created a movement by accident when he said he’d buy the rights to Firefly if he won the lottery.

Last week, we reported that cult-classic TV show Firefly was getting a new run of its first and only season on Science Channel. After the news broke, star Nathan Fillion waxed poetic, saying that he’d buy the rights to the series and start it up again if he won the lottery. Die-hard Firefly fans – never ones to let a lost cause die quietly – have begun a grassroots movement to raise the money for him.

Speaking to an Entertainment Weekly reporter, Fillion said that “If I got $300 million from the California Lottery, the first thing I would do is buy the rights to Firefly, make it on my own, and distribute it on the Internet.” Almost immediately, fans of the 2002 series started organizing on Twitter and Facebook to see if a donation drive was plausible. After a groundswell of initial support, was created.

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  1. Gwen says:

    Loved your comparison to Jericho!

    The Jericho story continues in the Season 3 – Civil War comic. The comic is being written by the show’s writers and producers, the actors likenesses are being used and photos were taken of the sets for the comic artists.

    The story starts from the end of season 2, with Jake and Hawkins in Texas with the bomb.

    The comic is published by IDW and you can order from your local comic shop or direct from IDW.


    • monster7of9 says:

      Thanks for the praise. I am really eager to look into Season 2 and the continuation of Season 3 in a comic format. I strongly believe that if one format does not work that another should be considered. Firefly on tv gained great success on dvd which led to Serenity on the big screen. It’s great for Jericho to still find avenues to tell their stories through non traditional means. Even when Star Trek was off the air, fans created fanzines and told their own Star Trek stories and this was long before the internet came to be. Now with the web and social media tools, there should not be any excuse not to continue the shows that we love.


  2. outlaw2448 says:

    Being a Jericho Ranger (the group of people who joined in the NUTS war against CBS) it is always pleasing to a fan base of any show want to keep it alive. I have never seen Serenity or Firefly but I have wanted to. So I do hope that whoever is trying to help get this show or any other show back in some form or fashion good luck.

    I believe in you and I’m sure I can speak for most of the Jericho fans in saying that we need to save the quality of TV with shows like these.


    • monster7of9 says:

      Like you and Firefly, I missed out on the fun of watching and being a part of the Jericho craze. Thankfully, dvds are the great catch all to great past shows. I would highly recommend that you watch Firefly. Would love to know your reaction to this series.


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