Starbucks Boosts Wi-Fi Network With ESPN, Marvel Comics & The Economist

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Scifi
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In an effort to lure me and my wallet in to Starbucks, I am very curious about this new angle. Since the New York Times came up with a pay plan structure last week, those who are eager for their news would run into a wall once they reach the freemium quota they will have to start buying. Many premium content sites do offer some free content but many times the material is either outdated or just simply enough material to entice the reader.

On the other hand, since I am always in the market to get my comic book fix, I really like this approach with Starbucks. I can say that I am going to be a regular or even a semi-regular patron but it will give me something to do when I am free to myself for a couple of hours. I don’t mind reading older issues of comics on my iPhone but I am locked from accessing a complete run of a certain writer, artists, or story arc. If this move allows me to read to me hearts content, I will be there with a couple of bucks in my hand.

A question did come up, since Starbucks wifi signal bleeds, I could access without having to be in a Starbucks nor purchase anything to access this type of content. Hmmmm?

Starbucks Boosts Wi-Fi Network With ESPN, Marvel Comics & The Economist

by Jennifer Van Grove

Starbucks customers will soon find that the company’s free Wi-Fi offering comes with even more premium content. ESPN, The Economist, Mediabistro and Marvel Digital Comics have signed on as the coffee chain’s latest content partners in the Starbucks Digital Network, vice president of digital ventures Adam Brotman is announcing Wednesday at the company’s annual shareholder meeting.

Starbucks customers will get subscription-level access to each new content provider’s online repertoire — in addition to content from existing partners like The Wall Street Journal — that is typically blocked by paywalls.

“Starbucks Digital Network is a great way for our customers to try, browse and experience things in a way that is hassle-free,” says Brotman of the network’s enhancements.

For the sports enthusiast, this translates to free access to ESPN Insider Rumor Central. Also in the revamped News & Sports channel is The Economist, so more serious newsies can peruse the online version of the weekly print edition without the price tag.

The comic book fan can now browse Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, its full library of comics, while sipping a soy latte. And via the Mediabistro partnership, job seekers and entrepreneurs can tune in to Starbucks-curated how-to videos on job search techniques and career enhancement methods.

via Starbucks Boosts Wi-Fi Network With ESPN, Marvel Comics & The Economist.


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