It’s the Hair Part. Huh?!? The Hair Part.

Posted: August 7, 2011 in Scifi
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Every once in a while I come across one of those driveway moments where I am listening to NPR. Those who are familiar with term will understand the meaning but let me explain away. You are in your car, either driving home or doing an errand and you’re listening to the radio. Just when you pull up to the driveway, your favorite song or piece of news comes on that makes you just sit in your car in your driveway just for a couple of minutes – hence the driveway moment. For my moment, it came to me when I had to pick up my daughter from summer camp. Just as I was pulling up in the parking space, there was a segment on Radio Lab called Desperately Seeking Symmetry in which there was discussion about “The Hair Part.” So, what’s the deal with Superman?

When you look in a mirror, you are looking at reverse image of yourself. If you have hair parted on one side, the mirror image would have the same hair part but on the opposite side. If you look closer at the Superman movie with Christopher Reeve you will quickly notice the hair part. As Clark, Kal-El has his hair part on the right side and as Superman, the hair part is moved to the left. Yes, we know they are the same person but there is when you look at them they look like two completely different people.

Doing a little research, I came across this study which discusses the hair part issue which delves into their meaning.

A left hair part draws unconscious attention to the activities that are controlled by the left hemisphere of the brain, i.e. activities traditionally attributed to masculinity. A right hair part draws unconscious attention to the activities that are controlled by the right hemisphere of the brain, i.e. activities traditionally attributed to femininity.

A man who parts his hair on the right, and who is striving for positive assessment in a traditionally male role is at risk for having difficulties in interpersonal relationships, since he is sending a mixed, subconscious message by emphasizing the activities of the brain traditionally attributed to femininity.

Source: True Mirror

Now, having all this and listened to the podcast, I really believe in this theory but there is a flaw. What happens if you have no hair and happened to be bald like Lex and me? The theory doesn’t apply to men like me or does it? Lucky for me there is an attribute for baldness.

*No part, center part or bald: Perceived as balanced, trustworthy and wise. Downside: Can lack flair associated with other types.

Source: True Mirror

What do you think about the hair part theory? Does it stand up in real life or is it just a load of a malarkey?


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