Watch as the boy falls from the sky. « Page 49

As time progresses ever so slowly till the next public hearing for the county’s budget, I have come to the realization that I will get the axe from the library. I am not saying this to be mean to myself or a real Debbie Downer but after speaking with someone from the Admin office during the last Adult Services meeting, my situation as well as other, the outlook is more than saying  it does not look good. It is downright inevitable and I am coming to grips with this.

As mentioned in the earlier entry, the library millage rate has been set and can not be raised. Having said that, if nothing changes between now and September 22, the last public hearing, the cutbacks will go forward. Since I don’t have any right to my L1 position, the bumping process from the higher classification will make it impossible to retain my status as an Intern/Trainee. So, watch this boy as he falls from the sky.

via Watch as the boy falls from the sky. « Page 49.


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