Reassignment: Enterprise « Page 49

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Scifi
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This is an overdue post but seems appropriate to do this now. In the past, I’ve used various Star Trek ships to convey the changes I had experienced as I was transferred from one library branch to another. For the past five + months, I’ve been stationed at a store front library branch. The reason I picked the NX-01 starship is because it fits my particular situation. Enterprise itself was the 4 spinoff series from the original Trek series bringing it to the total of five not including the animated series or the movies. Since I started with the library back in 2006, I have now worked in five different branches. Now having said this, I carry this connection forward,  the series was heading for cancellation by the end of the fourth season and nearly killed off the franchise forever. As I’ve mentioned before, I am facing a possible separation from the library is the next couple of months. Could this move kill off my career as a librarian forever?

As I am writing this, almost 1am Monday, I just finished a pint of ice cream and watching an Enterprise episode called Mauraders. To sum it up, think of this episode as a retelling of A Bug’s Life with the Klingons as the Locust. As I groan in pain from the late night dessert and tv watching, I am reminded that someone wrote this crap. Someone got paid to write this crap. I too want to write and get paid for writing crap. Several years ago, make that more than a decade ago, I wrote a spec script for the then upcoming Star Trek: Deep Space Nine series. I recently found it again which led me to believe, I need to write again and fail again. Yes, I did say fail again.

via Reassignment: Enterprise « Page 49.


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