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Posted: November 8, 2011 in Scifi
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TV Show – The Walking Dead’s “T-Dog” Irone Singleton Talks Exclusively to CultureMob by Allie Hanley | 11/01/11 |

We’ve got three episodes under our belt, and 10 more to go for Season Two. Fans want details on what’s going to happen to the survivors. Will there be others? Will Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker) be back (word is not this season)? Who’s going to stay in the group and who’s going to go their own way?

I’m getting emails and instant messages on Facebook, asking me what I know. Since that information is on lock-down it’s hard to get details from any of the cast, so you have to read between the lines and then guess.

For example, last week, at The Walking Dead panel in Seattle at ZomBcon, fans cheered for their favorite characters with cast member Norman Reedus who appeared. As the panel progressed fans discussed the motivation behind character Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies) for sleeping with Shane (Jon Bernthal) so soon after her husband Rick (Andrew Lincoln) supposedly dies after a gunshot wound. As we saw hinted in episode two, ‘Bloodletting‘, things weren’t so rosy for the couple before the pandemic. I guessed at this, and was wondering when the show would get around to enlightening us as to her actions. For all we know, Rick was a lying, cheating husband.

We get snippets of who they were before the pandemic, and we get to see who they are now, but we don’t always know why they do what they do. The character development is part of what makes The Walking Dead so intriguing to millions of people. The ratings on the show are setting records for cable TV! 11 million people watched the Season Two premiere two weeks ago, that had 7.3 million on the first showing and combined to 11 million for the back-to-back premiere of episode one which aired twice.

Principal cast of The Walking Dead.

Another character who has been there from day one (or in the real world, episode 2) is T-Dog. Best known in the show as the guy who drops the keys to the handcuffs that led to Merle Dixon cutting his hand off to escape the cuffs. I had a very cool opportunity to speak exclusively with T-Dog, actor IronE Singleton. Now that the show has been picked up again (there will be a season 3 already announced) the writers are going to have the time to explore and develop all of the main cast including T-Dog

via TV Show – The Walking Dead’s “T-Dog” Irone Singleton Talks Exclusively to CultureMob | CultureMob.

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