Monster Island News: Hey There Monster What’s Your Sign?

Posted: November 15, 2011 in Scifi
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When I came across this, I was reminded when, before I started this blog, I tried my hand at creating a website. One of the things I tried to do was a Zodiac assignments for many DC heroes based on when the first issue was released to the public. I used that fact as their birthdate and then compared what the traits were for that sign in comparison. I thought it was a novel idea but unfortunately, I don’t have anything left except this blog entry which I talked about the Year of the Rat. Nonetheless, the article below does a much better job.

Hey There Monster What’s Your Sign?

Written By: Ken Hulsey

Yesterday I wrote a very well received article about a humorous new book called “Sad Monsters: Growling on the Outside, Crying on the Inside” which deals with depression in movie monsters and cryptids. Upon reading said article one of my true-blue fans (yes, I’m talking about you Hollie Heimbecker Ransom) suggested that I look a little deeper into why monsters are … are … monsters. Depressed ones at that. Hollie suggested that astrology may hold the answers to just why these creatures act and feel as they do.

Interesting idea!

Just one problem, to accurately get a reading from the stars you need to use a birthday. Do movie monsters have a birthday? No, not as such.

I then began to ponder just how to get around that tiny little detail. Ideally the day that a monster was first conceived, that is to say, first imagined, sketched, or brought to a movie studios attention would be ideal, but who the hell knows when that was. Instead I have opted to use the release date from the first movie any given monster appeared in.

There is a lot that goes into astrology in regards to personality and behavior, way too much for me to post about here. To get right to the point I’m only going to list the attributes on the darker side. The stuff that makes monsters monstrous.

I know that there are hundreds if not thousands of cinematic creatures out there so I’m only going to touch on the six most popular.

via Monster Island News: Hey There Monster What’s Your Sign?.


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