Google’s Augmented Reality Glasses Take Hands-Free Computing to the Extreme | Techland |

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Scifi
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Via Scoop.itThe Monster Scifi Show

Google has confirmed that it is working on augmented reality glasses which one day might let you send instant messages, get directions, snap photos and more from a clear display over your eye.

Don’t you just love it when science fiction becomes science fact? I know that I go ga-ga for future tech but this has got to be one of the coolest things to look forward to. However, the problems lies, how can they overcome areas where you can’t get a signal? Or worse, how much are the data plans going to cost us all? With AT&T bandwidth throttling with current smartphones, I can only imagine the complications users will face.

Looking over the video, which is clever, I have two issues: how will this work if you have glasses? Does this replace your specs or do you have to wear them over your regular glasses like those stupid 3D glasses? 2nd – Since the video showed a “Facetime” like phone call, how can the person see your face if the video feed shows what the glases are seeing? Which leads into this thought, video piracy. Are theaters going to stop people from wearing glasses fearing that the movie can be recorded? It does remind me of the special contact lenses as seen in Torchwood.

What do you think?



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