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Posted: October 12, 2012 in Scifi
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This entry has been a long time coming. I think the last thing I wrote about was my dislike for the Pixar movie Brave. The reason why it’s crossed out is because this movie was not a Pixar movie in the sense of quality, uniqueness and charm. No, Brave was a good Disney film. To boot, Cars 2 was another let down for me. While I like Mater, having the story focus on him was not the best move. Yes, I loved Mater in the first movie but in little bits. Watching Cars 2 was pure torture. Okay, enough about my Pixar rant.

What I’ve been up to is finally landing a library job. I have been unemployed for almost 11 months and in that time had to cut back in expenses including internet. Luckily, my iPhone still has the unlimited plan for internet data from way back when but AT&T throttles you after x amount of gigs. (Insert smart ass remarks here.) This left me very little options to continue blog and podcasting. Needless to say, I miss do them greatly as well as doing other side projects. Now, that I have work and going to school, life is slowly getting back to order though my family and I are very deeply in debt.

Of the few times I actually went to the movies this summer, either being treated or giving blood for movie tickets, only two movies which made my top list of must watch and must have movies – The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. The Avengers I saw 3x in the theater which I have not done since the days of the original Star Wars back in ’77. The Dark Knight was one of the most satisfying endings to a trilogy that was consistent all the way through. One of the highlights was watching Anne Hathaway as Catwoman and her driving the Bat Pod. (Yes, it’s a guy thing.) I loved the combination of the Knightfall and No Man’s Land comic book storylines. On a side note, both movie soundtracks were less than impressive. The Avengers theme and The Fire Rises for Batman were my favorites. This harkened back to the 3rd and final Indiana Jones movie where, I love John Williams but the score was nothing memorable. I know they all can’t be winners but it wasn’t even close. And yes, I said the 3rd and final Indy movie because the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a complete waste of time. Now the worst of the bunch in summer movies were Battleship, Men in Black III, Prometheus, The Amazing Spiderman, and Total Recall.

Ah, Battleship, you sunk my childhood. But really, this was movie was done with this simple premise in mind aliens vs humans in a bathtub. It had the whole logic of a six year old despite the fact the f/x were amazing. I love Peter Berg‘s work like The Kingdom and Hancock though the last 3rd of the movie was edited to cut for time. (there is more on the floor to fix this movie.) Plus, Peter was at one time going to remake Dune. While this project fell through, I actually believed in Peter’s directing skills but here there was not much to get an emotional connection to anyone. Plus, the movie had a scene from Star Trek: First Contact where the aliens where building a dish like the Borg were with the Enterprise. What the HELL!!! For a summer popcorn movie like Waterworld this movie is watchable just don’t expect too much from it.

Men in Black III was not exactly high on my list to begin with. The only worthy note to watch this film is because of James Brolin playing the younger Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent J. He had the same dead pan delivery style which I love but overall the movie failed to engage me like the first movie. The movie had all the same bells and whistles to expect like the first movie though the opening with Boris the Animal (Jermaine Clement) , while funny, was too similar to Edgar (Vincent D’Onofrio ) from the first movie. I’m sure in another six years we’ll MIB IV where Agent J fights a Russian.

Prometheus was another movie with high expectation because Ridley Scott was helming the project. While the Alien franchise has been a big hit in my book except for Alien 3, I was all set to see how the Alien franchise was going back to how it all began… sort of. This movie had amazing effects, where alien-esque scary moments but felt many questions unanswered. Now writer Damon Lindelof of Lost told a story that was very much like the Lost tv series. Many questions were posed, some answered and many left unanswered. Now, I’m ok with the later provided there is going to be another Prometheus movie. With Lost, I was satisfied with the ending even though some questions never got answered but there was 6 season of storytelling – Prometheus was just a single story and I think this is where it left many fans scratching there heads about what is going to happen next.

Now The Amazing Spiderman had something going for it right from the onset – Andfrew Garfield. I liked him enough in The Social Network movie and could see him as Peter Park. Putting that aside, the retelling of the origin movie was not necessary. This movie should have been treated as the same as James Bond – here’s the character, here’s the story, here’s the bond girl and off you go. The movie wasted too much time with the origin as well as the lackluster villian that we’ve been waiting for three movies to see, Dr. Connors as the Lizard. The story failed to engage me. The romance between Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) and Peter was very painful to watch as I felt myself not caring for either character. Now, if Gwen died…maybe. Unlike the first three Spidermans, Peter (Tobey Maguire) and Mary Jane (Kristen Dunst) was very believable as I felt like Peter liking the girl next door but never quite getting the girl. And yes, it two different movies but it was obvious the new Spiderman would not work for me. Hell, Aunt May (Sally Field) was a bore. If you wanted to do something new a different why not make her like in the comics in which she was an old spinster who hated anything Spiderman did. At least then, this would give this movie some bite and not me explaining to my kids that Sally was better as The Flying Nun and Carrie from Smokey and the Bandit. This was just a waste of good talent all around.

On a side note, last weekend David Blaine was doing another of his performance but with electricity. The outfit he had reminded me of a Spiderman villain which oddly enough found out that was going to be in the next movie. I must say that this is one of the lamest villains of all time. There are so many other villains to choose from like Electro, The Rhino, The Scorpion to name a few. : (

Lastly, there is Total Recall. There was a day when I went to Game Stop with my son to pick up a new game for his DS. The clerk and I started to talk about my Spock “You better Trek yourself before you wreck yourself” when the trailer for Total Recall came on. I was shaking my head in disbelief when the clerk said that he couldn’t wait to see it. I said there was nothing wrong with the original for it to be remade. His response, “There was a Total Recall 1?” I did a mental facepalm. This clerk had no idea and I was about to ask how old he was. I did my best to hide the pain and left it at that. Now, when you say to your best friend let’s go watch Total Recall, you really have nothing else to do. In a weird sign, about 1/2 the movie the film projector blew up. However, not once did I think there was an incident occurring that was similar to the shooting in Aurora. I just laughed my ass off because the projector could not handle playing this crappy movie. And it was pure crap through and through but eventually, I watched it online to see how the movie ended. Trust me when I say this movie was a complete waste of time. I was not entertained in the least and a summer movie should be able to deliver some thrills.

So aside from my summer movie rants, there is nothing else that’s new to report. Now, I do want to pick up the ashes of my blog and podcast to it’s former glory but I feel this may not happen any time soon. I need to focus on finishing my library degree so that my job prospects will never be as bad as they were this past year. I’ll keep writing every once in a while when I come across something I have to get off my chance and internet access to write about. Right now, the library is not exactly jumping with activity and I have another 3 hours to go before I call it a night. But at least for now, you know that I’m still around and moving forward.

Here’s a pic of Stitch as General Grevious at my work desk.


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