G4′s ‘Attack Of The Show’ And ‘X-Play’ Cancelled As Network Transition Begins | /Film

Posted: October 26, 2012 in Scifi
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I am at a loss of words for G4 cancelling Attack of the Show (AOTS) and X-Play. While I have not had cable for some time, I miss those days of geeky goodness. Like all things that must change  not all change is good. The Scifi Channel, sorry The SYFY Channel, has long been dead in my eyes for a very long time. The changing of the channel’s name failed to capture the essence of what made this channel great.  Hell, even MTV, back in the day, used to show non stop music videos. Then the channel created shows to showcase videos and then added other shows that moved away from playing videos all together. And yet, they had to create M2 to showcase music videos; huh, fancy that.

What are the plans for G4? I’m not in favor of making another channel for guys ala Spike TV. That channel was originally TNN (The Nashville Network) and completely remade itself. Fine. If that’s what you want fine but when you are not really changing a whole new identity what is the point. I feel that the same target audience that G4 is looking to attract is going to be the same audience as before. If that is the case, make better programming.  The SYFY Channel could have save itself by seeking quality scifi and well as older scifi series. I think that AOTS and X-Play would make a fine addition to the channel rather than having wrestling which I understand this was done for rating purposes but it does not fit the channel’s identity. In the meantime, enjoy the YOUTUBE clip of AOTS. X-Play and AOTS, you will be missed.

G4′s ‘Attack Of The Show’ And ‘X-Play’ Cancelled As Network Transition Begins

Posted on Friday, October 26th, 2012 by Germain Lussier

Two of G4′s signature geek shows, Attack of the Show and X-Play, will officially be cancelled at the end of 2012. The network is slowly starting its rebranding process to a more upscale, male audience (a la GQ) and the two pop culture centric shows aren’t part of that plan. Each will continue to air new episodes through December, including tributes with returning hosts, guests and more, leading up to their series finales.

Read more about the plans, as well as some new rumors on G4′s new direction, after the jump.

TV Guide broke the news of both shows ending their runs and ran this quote from G4 Media general manager Adam Stotsky:

via G4′s ‘Attack Of The Show’ And ‘X-Play’ Cancelled As Network Transition Begins | /Film.



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