Let me begin this entry on the right that everyone to like what they like. When you go a summer movie, you want to be entertained – point blank. Fanboys watching a movie, on the other hand, would crucify the film makers if their favorite superhero movie fails to live up to their expectations. Whereas a non fanboy, could not care about such details but like the movie anyway. Just like I’m sure some non Star Trek fan liked Nemisis because I sure didn’t. Now if you’re a fan of Battlestar Galactica, the original series, will know that BSG, the rebooted series by Ronald Moore, made a lot of fans upset by casting the roles of Starbuck and Boomer with female actors. I believe that over the time, when the series aired, we saw a much more interesting series than the original. That’s just my opinion, (I still love the old 70’s show.) I had just about enough, over the years, of reboots and re-imangings till I’m blue in the face; not like a Smurf. Now, enter The Munster, or rather Mockingbird Lane, to the growing lists of series/movies being remade.

Right from the beginning, I was not loving the series which started with a scene ripped off from the movie Prophecy, not the one with Christopher Walken but the one about a mutant bear from the 70’s. As the pack of boy scouts were being attack by an unknown creature, one camper was stuck in sleeping bag and tried to hop away. As seen in the movie Prophecy, the creature smacked the kid into a tree and all the stuffing came out. (Major facepalm).  Then we get Jerry O’Connell as Herman, who we see as a shadow of the Frankenstein’s Monster. As he moves out, he’s normal looking except for some stitch work around his neck. Sigh, creature makeup f/x on the cheap; reminds me of Smallville’s No Flight No Tights mantra. Next, this Lilly did not look at all like the pasty undead matriach and now can become a mist. So, 10 minutes in, I was really hating this series.

When I watched BSG, Katee Sackhoff as Starbuck became a non issue after I saw her in a card game. She had a stogie and almost perfect grin ala Dirk Benedict. She captured the essence of that character and then made it her own. BSG was more than just the original series. The show could stand on it’s own merits and go beyond. On Mockingbird Lane, Eddie Izzard as Grandpa Munster was my Starbuck. He looked nothing like the original character but I was drawn to him right from the start and me continue to watch the pilot. He delivered his lines in a beautiful, dry brit wit that made relish everything he was saying. From that point on, the pilot really came together and was on its own terms.

Much like creator Bryan Fuller‘s other series, Pushing Daisies, if Mockingbird Lane were to be continued, I can’t see this going past one season. It’s not a knock against Fuller but rather, the tone and humor of the series is really darker than I expected to and I think finding an audience would be limited. And yes, those who saw this with Grimm, which I dislike, would think this would make a great Friday night pairing lineup much like the Scifi Channel had many years ago with Farscape. Hell, I would continue to watch the series even on the Syfy channel if it were to be picked up. Watch the show on my blog or on Hulu and would love to hear your thought and comments.


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