Why the Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray is going to rip you off

Posted: August 29, 2013 in Scifi
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How much does it cost to acquire the “complete” Star Trek Into Darkness blu-ray and how much effort does it take to enjoy it? That would normally seem like an odd question, but Paramount’s inexplicable release strategy has left Trekkies and general blu-ray completists scratching their heads in confusion and frustration. You see, unlike most blu-ray releases, where the studio puts the respective bonus features either on the disc that every consumer can buy from every outlet, Paramount has done something… a little silly. They have spread out the available special features into several different retail outlets. So basically, if you want the “complete” American Star Trek Into Darkness blu-ray, you have to buy it twice. Oh, and you can’t even enjoy some of those features on your television.

Offering an exclusive bonus disc to a consumer if you buy a given film at one specific store is not new. However frowned upon it might be, it isn’t that much of a headache to, for example, buy Disney’s The Avengers at Target  instead of Best Buy or Amazon in order to get a 90-minute documentary that isn’t available anywhere else. It’s annoying, as when Paramount put most the deleted scenes of Mission: Impossible: Gho

via ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Blu-Ray Punishes The Fans – Forbes.

Why do you say this to me, when you know I will kill you for it. (General Zod! Now, kneel!)

Before the grammar police gets all over my shit, I wrote this out of pure rage. I am not simply going to write this and come back to edit or correct any mistakes; so there.

This has got to be one of the TOP pet peeves of mine. I and countless others have plunked down hard earned cash for the movies that we love and to have the extra content that goes along with it such as commentaries, behind the scenes, blooper, etc. To boot, I want my movies in letterbox format and not that full screen pan and scan bullshit. That’s not much to ask for, right? You want us not to “pirate” media, right? Paramount, do I look like a bitch to you? You think you can fuck me over without so much as buying my dinner first? FUCK YOU. I am beyond livid with this fucking mentality to screw the consumers at all cost because that is what you are doing Paramount. You are forcing consumers to accept this blatant act of trying to make more money off the same product! Oh, did you not learn about variant comic book covers and what a fucking disaster that was?

On my upcoming podcast, I talked about how much I love watching X-Men First Class. Now, I was not able to watch in the theaters but I got a copy online. Yes, bad. I’m a very bad man with a podcast. And yet, when the movie came out on dvd for rental, I rented. And finally, just recently, I bought my own copy on blu ray. First off, the movie was fantastic. I wanted to have this for my collection for a long time. The bonus feature has the usual fare but there was something else that me very happy as a consumer. I love movie scores and this feature on the blu ray which isolated just the soundtrack while the movie played. Rare is this feature but no less welcomed. So, yes, I did something bad but in the end did more positive things by buying it and including talking about on my blog and the next podcast. That is more free promotion this doesn’t 2 year old movie even needs. I don’t care. I’m glad with this arrangement but I don’t want to see another version of this movie in a couple of years telling me of new bonus material that was not included initially. That shit happened to many times with me and the biggest offender was the Lord of the Rings series.

As each movie was released on dvd, the bonus content was fantastic. And then came Jackson’s director’s cut for each movie which really pissed me off because that’s what I want, I want the most complete and ultimate dvd release. And this happened again on The Hobbit. Oh and how can I forget, the numerous copies of Star Wars from VHS to DVD to the Special Edition to the blu ray format. OR HOW ABOUT DISNEY PUSHING THE SAME GODDAMN MOVIES (BUT ONLY FOR A LIMITED TIME BEFORE IT GOES BACK INTO THE VAULT.) ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT!!!

Star Trek Into Darkness does not deserve my money when it comes to buying it for my collection. It was a crappy ass movie but that is not even the point. It’s one thing when you have a Target or Best Buy exclusive in which there would be maybe an action figure or another older movie added or some other thing to entice the buyer. Fine. Perfect. But at the end of the day, whether I do to Target or Best Buy or whoever, I will still have the same product in my house for my viewing pleasure. Leave that choice for the stores to make and the consumer to choose. I will not have a studio dictate to me that in order to see all the added features, I will have to pay for another copy of the movie. SUCK IT LONG AND SUCK IT HARD because that is the only thing you’ll be taking from me. I am NOT going to advocate piracy but you don’t treat the consumer properly, you will not get our monies. We’ll still get your content for free and share it with the world. You want piracy to end, make your products better than free. That’s why I bought X-Men First Class because it was better than getting it free. Learn, Paramount, learn.

Despite its mixed reviews, surely some of you were looking forward to the DVD and Blu-ray release of Star Trek Into Darkness. You were probably looking forward to checking out all the extras, too. Well, I have news for you, and that news is Paramount is about to screw you like Kirk in an Orion Slave Girl sorority house.

The official Blu-ray has seven mini-featurettes. Seems kind of bare bones for such a major summer release, eh? Indeed it does, because Paramount has divvied up all the other features — including the commentary tracks with the cast and director J.J. Abrams, and several additional featurettes — have been given exclusive to the Target release, the Best Buy release, and the iTunes download. Meaning 1) if you buy the normal version you’re getting less than half the special features created for the home video release, and 2) if you want all of them you’re going to need to purchase at least three separate versions.

via Why the Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray is going to rip you off.


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