Detroit’s Robocop Statue Set for Summer 2014 Erection – IGN

Posted: August 31, 2013 in Scifi
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Hee-hee, the title said erection. Silly Hu-mans, if Robocop can’t get an erection till 2014, have him take two Cylons and he’s good to go – Robostyle.


Kidding aside, how awesome is this tribute to Robocop? This is truly amazing to see this coming to fruition. I for one, love the original movie up till the 2nd movie, skip the 3rd, and the tv series. As for the remake, reimagined, reboot, take your pick, I can do without the sleek ultra black body armor. Hell, all he’s missing is a black cape and become the next Bat… oh, right… BEN!!!! Still, Weller’s Robocop is and will always be one of a kind. Before Urban’s Judge Dredd performance, it takes a strong willingness to wear a helmet that covers 95% of the actor’s face. Hell, David Prowse for that matter, had his whole face covered and was still able to convey the darkness surrounding this character. I just hope this new Robocop movie understands that the actor playing the role has to let the character through the suit and make it believable.

Detroit’s Robocop Statue Set for Summer 2014 Erection

It’s been a long, arduous road for the fan-funded campaign.

by Jim Vejvoda

August 30, 2013

After three years and much publicity, the Kickstarter-funded fan campaign to erect a statue of Robocop in Detroit is nearly complete.

Mother Jones recounts the arduous, storied journey of how the statue came to be and the political and corporate hurdles that cropped up along the way, from Mayor Bing’s dismissal of the Twitter-generated idea to MGM’s copyright concerns.

via Detroit’s Robocop Statue Set for Summer 2014 Erection – IGN.


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