Disney encourages kids to play games in the theater during “The Little Mermaid” – Yahoo Games

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Scifi
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little mermaid

Back in ye olden days, if you wanted to see a movie more than once, you had to go to the movie theater. Kids today have it easy with the advent of be-ta-max and vi-de-o-tape and d-v-d or what the HELL kids are calling the latest technology to watch movies any time and any where; I don’t care. I may be one of the few adults that enjoys watching kids movies in an actual theater. Yes, the noise can be a factor from the screaming brats but that is a given and to be expected. However, when the lights goes done and the show begins, I expect to stay relatively quiet and mostly dark. We are encouraged to not talk or text on the phone as seen in commercial before the movie begins but I get really pissed off when some a-hole decides to do something with his phone and will not take care of his business in the lobby as so not to disturb others watching the movie; you know as a courtesy. Now, Disney is throwing out those protocols which I believe is a HUGE mistake.

I love watching movies over and over again only to discover something new and having the second screen is really cool. However, The whole notion of the second screen is fine with me… at home. Watch your movies however you like at your home, in your car, on your devices with a foxes in a boxes while eating loxes??? This simple act of watching a movie on the big screen allow us to escape from the real world for just a couple of hours. Yes, kids movies are still movies and we need to treat them all the same equally regardless of the content. The point here, don’t do this at the movie theaters.

If this does go through, is there going to be a higher or lower cost of admission just like going to see a 3D movie? Regardless, I for one, as much as I love rewatching movies, Disney needs to stop this idea. Worse, other companies will start doing the same if Disney’s move to allow electronic devices to be, “Part of your world” in the movie theaters.

Chime in your views on my survey below.

The movie theater is one of the few remaining sanctums where you’re largely safe from the annoying glow of smartphones and tablets.

Well, at least until Disney re-releases “The Little Mermaid” on September 13. The studio is actively encouraging kids to bring along iPads and play games while the movie is showing on screen.

Specifically, they’re inviting you to be part of Ariel‘s world with their own app — Disney Second Screen Live — designed to let viewers interact with the film. It’s essentially a kid-friendly blend of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” karaoke, and video games.

via Disney encourages kids to play games in the theater during “The Little Mermaid” – Yahoo Games.


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