NASA Quotes ‘Star Trek’ As Voyager 1 Enters the Interstellar Frontier (Video) – Yahoo News

Posted: September 13, 2013 in Scifi
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Ladies and gentleman, Voyager 1 has left the solar system. (and the crowd goes wild except you can’t hear it space.) This has been a very big week for Star Trek… references. NASA has every right to be the proud parents of their space probe and that is now literally own it’s own. They even paraphrased Captain Kirk’s opening monologue to comment on this momentous time in our history.

However, those fans who know the Voyager probe would late come back as V’ger several centuries later threatening all life on Earth searching for its creator. Yes, Voyager 1 is not the same as the Voyager 6 as revealed in Star Trek: The Motion Picture but screw it; it’s close enough. To quote David the android from Prometheus, “Big things have small beginnings.” Onward and upward, ad astra Voyager 1!!!!

The other two Star Trek references are the release of Star Trek: Into Darkness; click here to read more about the new Trek movie release on dvd/blu ray.  Click here about my library speech for the Board of County Commissioners.

When NASA announced Thursday that its far-flung Voyager 1 spacecraft is now officially the first interstellar spacecraft in human history, it was a time for celebration, congratulations and … “Star Trek”?

During a news conference Thursday (Sept. 12), John Grunsfeld, NASA’s associate administrator of science missions, walked out to address the public and press about the unprecedented Voyager 1 milestone to the tune of TV’s “Star Trek” theme song, effectively melding science with science fiction. You can see a video of the “Star Trek”-themed NASA conference here.

via NASA Quotes ‘Star Trek’ As Voyager 1 Enters the Interstellar Frontier (Video) – Yahoo News.

I could not pass this up but I had to post some response about this original posting. Star Trek fans will love this:

David – Congratulations to the carbon-based units infesting Planet Earth.

MaureenO – V’Ger must speak with the Creator!

DoubleEdgedSword – keep your junk to yourselves..earthlings..

ecotone – Ugly bags of mostly water

Izz K – Hopefully they don’t find the Borg


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