What are you dressing up for Halloween?

Posted: October 19, 2013 in Scifi
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Being bald has limited Halloween costume options. I would be Professor X or Captain Picard or Captain Sisko or Riddick; though I won’t be doing the last one as the last movie really just sucked ass. More to the point, there are some characters I can do for Halloween but I would like the option for more people to play. Now, moving forward, I have decided on doing Nero from the 2009 Star Trek movie; you know the good one. Aside from the bald look, I was wondering how I could create this effect and in what medium that was comfortable and easy.

nero skull cap and mask

As I did the research, here are the two options I found. The one on the left is a skull-cap which makes this kid look like a Tholian. Second, the markings on the cap needs to be brought down further on the head. The looks nothing like Nero let alone a Romulan from the movie. The picture on the right has the better approach. The mask looks better and the markings on the head looks more like the character. However, I don’t want to be wearing a mask all day and especially at work. I needed a third option.

The third option is to draw or stencil the Romulan tattoo on my head. While this seemed like a good option, I thought about tattoo aspect. Just the other day, I came across a temp tattoo of Wolverine I bought some time ago. Being bored, I slapped that tattoo on my arm and is has lasted for a good while. This was my a-ha moment. What if I can buy a temp tattoo of the Romulan? Well, no luck there but I could make one using a printer and special tattoo printing paper. Now that I have a plan and have the tattoo image, the next step is to try it out before Halloween. Below is the pic of Nero and how tattoo should look like. As time progresses, I hope to take pics of the process.



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